Investment Search: Buy-to-Let

 'Buy to Let' is a term that has become a familiar description for a type of funding for investing in property.  


It was originally a marketing badge for a finance package put together by ARLA (the Association of Residential Letting Agents)


The benefits for a Landlord can include a stable income from rental receipts, as well as an accumulation of wealth if house prices go up over time.

 Rising house prices in the UK have made buy-to-let a popular way to invest.


Across the UK, the average buy-to-let yield (the difference between the rent the landlord receives and the costs of ownership) are just under 4.5%.


This doesn't take into account the long-term increase in value as mentioned above.  We can guide you through the entire process of buying a property to let.

Locating the right property

 We will search for suitable properties that will be appealing to tenants, therefore ensuring the property will always be occupied.


We will provide a guide on expected rental income so that budgets and financial expectations can be planned ahead of purchase.


Furthermore, we will negotiate the purchase for you; we have many years experience in buying and selling properties and can assess the expectation on price which means we will be able to secure the property for you and get the fairest agreement on purchase price.


 Once a property has been purchased, it may require a little work to prepare it for the rental market.  It may just need a fresh coat of emulsion or a new kitchen or bathroom.  


We can advise on a team of tradesmen from painters to plumbers who are able to quickly and efficiently carry out whatever is necessary so you can maximise the return on your investment.  

 Any work will be costed and agreed in advance.  Sometimes a jolly good clean can make a world of difference, particularly to carpets!!  We would suggest presenting a property in its best possible light, to attract the right sort of tenant.  


The service is bespoke to your requirements and instructions and we will assess each property's needs individually however for guidance, a fee equal to 10% plus Vat of the cost of work is typical.