Finding a tenant

McGregor Letting Consultants offer a very different letting service.  We know the details of each property thoroughly. We may even have carried out the refurbishment or very likely a 'prepare for market' overhaul.  


We are therefore closer to the property and feel a stronger sense of protection to our clients when selecting a tenant.  Our long experience in Landlord and Tenant law means we can advise accurately on the correct use of a tenancy agreement depending on the type of tenant, length of tenancy or other potential exception to the rule.  


We have a keen eye for detail and treat every property as though it were our own - only allowing a tenancy to proceed if the tenant has exemplary references.


Let Only

Our Let Only Service is suitable for experienced Landlords who feel comfortable maintaining relationships with their tenants, collecting rent and managing any maintenance issues themselves.


Based on the above, McGregor Letting Consultants will introduce the tenant to the Landlord directly and assume no further responsibility during the term of the tenancy.

Let & Rent Collection

This service is for Landlords who require support with legal matters and rent collection whilst dealing with the repairs and maintenance themselves.


We market your property following our initial visit, arrange accompanied viewings, find a suitable tenant for your property, run a full tenant and referencing check, organise a detailed inventory [for an extra charge]  and all the necessary legal paperwork.


We will collect and transfer the rent and secure the tenant's deposit in accordance with current legislation.

Letting & Management



We carry out regular, thorough property inspections, using a detailed inventory and taking photographs at every visit to create an in-depth inspection report. Each report provides both landlord and tenant with a regular, accurate record of the property's condition, giving reassurance to the landlord and helping reduce the risk of disputes at a later date.

We can spot maintenance issues before they become serious or cause damage thus avoiding the need for more costly repairs later.


This comprehensive service is the most popular with our landlords as the majority of tenenats, especially corporate tenants, will only consider a property if it is being managed by an agent. This often enables us to serve a premium rent for these properties.

Depending on your circumstances, choose a service that best suits your needs and personal requirements:

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