• Tracy McGregor

Maximise the rent.

For Landlords letting a property, one of the most important factors is getting as much rent as possible. What should a landlord do if a property is looking less than glossy and the feedback from viewings is negative? Here is some practical advice.

I always say, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’. You need to ensure that the initial impact on a viewing is a good one. For a small amount of money you can make quite a difference to the viewing experience.

Firstly and really important

So many times I’ve opened the door to a flat to be knocked sideways by a stale, fusty stench [ oh the glamour!] If a property is left empty for an extended period of time and the outgoing tenant’s clean was sloppy, the property can give off some nasty smells which can’t escape until that moment when a prospective tenant turns up to view; immediately off putting. I always get to a property a good few minutes early to open some windows, turn on the lights, tidy the curtains etc.

Before marketing

A thorough clean is an absolute must; nobody wants to imagine themselves bathing in a grubby tub with mould around the bottom of the tiles!

Check the walls, are there finger prints or scuff marks? It will take a decorator a day to roll over a fresh coat, which will do wonders to freshen a property.

Check the window dressings

Something that frustrates me is tatty venetian blinds where the slats are missing or broken. Dirty or frayed curtains that hang like cobwebs do nothing to reflect a streamlined, contemporary space which is what tenants are looking for.

Carpets and floor coverings

Pretty straight forward but it’s amazing what some landlords will think is acceptable. They must be professionally cleaned between every tenancy; I always insist on this at outset and then insist the tenant does it on departure, easy!


Check your front door, it says so much. If the paint is peeling off and the brass hasn’t been polished since the year dot, sort it.


If there are overgrown shrubs and borders it can be very overwhelming for a tenant who must maintain it. Mow the lawn, families need to be able to visualise their children playing.

All these are very straight forward and inexpensive points to correct. If you’re prepared to invest a bit more then I would recommend changing a tired kitchen or bathroom and new carpets always transform a room but please, don’t choose brown!

Remember, this is your property, look after it - a quality product will attract a quality tenant which will yield better results all round.

It is imperative for the long term value of your investment that these minimum standards are adhered to every time you have a vacant property.

Finally, don’t scrimp on the inventory otherwise you’ll have to do it all again next time round!!

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